About Us

We believe that through disruptive innovation the railway industry can reduce cost spent on inspection and maintenance while increasing capacity for freight and passengers trains.

Railchap®️ is a lightweight robot that is capable of railway travel. The robot reduce the need for humans in the
dangerous areas of railways and reduce cost of inspection and light maintenance.
Railway worker safety has and will always be highest priority for railway maintenance companies, and there is
willingness in the industry to invest in solutions which can increase the safety.
Current inspections of railway infrastructure are commonly done manually, or by using dedicated special-purpose
rail-maintenance trains. Visits along the tracks is done by humans and mobile sensors are typically mounted on
trains.  Light maintenance, such as lubrication and switches and crossing inspection is commonly performed manually, exposing
workers to the risk of entering ballast areas of railway infrastructure. Our robot keeps Boots Off Ballast.


Helping next generation railway workers do more maintenance and inspection with less rail access time 

Jørgen Torgersen

Co-founder and Master of Technology mechatronics

Kenneth Andersen

Co-founder and Bachelor w/hons. telecoms and electronics